One way to keep your fuel pump replacement cost low is to do the job yourself.  Most cars will allow you  easy access to the fuel pump by simply removing the rear seat.  Trucks on the other hand, may require you to remove the tank from the vehicle itself in order to access the pump module.  In any case, the work only requires basic hand tools and some knowledge on how to use them.  Having a buddy or two would make the job a lot easier unless they start raiding your beer in the fridge.


Fuel Pump 101

Your journey to keeping your fuel pump replacement cost as low as possible starts with knowing what you are working on.  The main purpose of the fuel pump is to promote pressure for the fuel injectors to feed fuel to the cylinders.  Failure of the pump will result to loss of pressure, which will starve the engine.  The fuel pump is located in the tank, submerged in fuel.  This is actually the safest place for it since the fuel cools the pump, which prevents overheating.


Common Causes

It is common for a fuel pump to break down however; other reasons for fuel pump failure are due to bad driving habits and neglect.  These will likely increase your fuel pump replacement cost in the end.

–          Driving the vehicle with very low fuel in it for long periods will starve the pump and will cause it to overheat.

–          Moisture in the tank (and/or in the fuel itself) will corrode the pump and its electrical connectors, which may lead to a short circuit.

–          Poor fuel quality will have contaminants that will clog up the pump sock, which, again, starves the pump.

OEM Vs Aftermarket

Fuel Pump Replacement CostOEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and these parts usually come from the dealership only.  OEM parts can be very expensive but you can be sure that they are the exact same parts used when your car was brand new.

Aftermarket replacement parts are designed to replace the OEM parts. These are relatively inexpensive when compared to OEM parts but functions exactly the same as the original.

Fuel pumps can also be bought by itself or as a whole assembly with pump, sending unit, electrical connectors and housing.  I personally favor the latter since it makes the job simpler.  Assemblies cost more than buying just pump although, if you opt to choose to buy the pump only, you will need to do more work and will take more time.


The Bottom-Line

Fuel Pump Replacement CostWhen replacing the fuel pump, be sure to find out the exact year, make and model of the car you are working on.  It is aggravating to find out in the middle of the procedure that the part you received is incorrect and you have to go through the hassle of sending the part back and hoping to receive the correct one.  Weigh your options carefully and remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best solution.  Sometimes, what is expensive now, can actually lower your fuel pump replacement cost in the future.

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