There are many variables to consider regarding the fuel pump replacement cost. Fuel pumps are vehicle specific so, before anything else always make sure that you know the specific year, make and model of the car you are working on before thinking about replacement costs. The fuel pump’s responsibilities include getting the fuel from the tank to the engine, but more importantly, it creates pressure in the system to deliver the correct amount of fuel the engine needs. A bad fuel pump will not be able to hold pressure, which would make the car stumble over until it eventually stalls.


What Causes Fuel Pump Failure?

While the fuel pump replacement cost may differ for every vehicle, the reasons it breaks down are almost always similar. There is no schedule on when to replace the fuel pump and gives little to no warning when it does go. Constantly driving on an almost empty tank will cause the pump to overheat since there is no fuel that cools it. Contaminants in the fuel block the fuel sock, which starves the pump while moisture can corrode the pump and electrical connectors.


Replacing The Fuel Pump

To keep your fuel pump replacement cost low, you can replace it yourself. The procedure is straightforward and you only need to use basic hand tools. Removing the back seat will give you access to the pump, however, trucks may also require removal of the whole tank. The fuel pump is housed in a module consisting of the pump, sending unit for the fuel gauge, a gasket and connectors.



Fuel Pump Replacement CostIf original is what you want, then the best you can get that is at the dealership. I have to warn you though, as we all know, any part that comes from the dealership itself will be expensive but nevertheless, take the trip anyway. You never know, your vehicle might be involved in a recall that you weren’t notified about and they will fix your car for free. It doesn’t hurt to hope, right? Now, if that does not work out for you, the next option is to go aftermarket. We are talking about aftermarket replacement parts, which are designed to work the same as the original, only cheaper. Here, you have two choices; get the whole thing which will cost more, or get the pump only which is a fraction of the price. I, for one, prefer the former because buying the whole thing makes the repair easier and in turn, less downtime. Replacing the pump itself will require cutting, splicing, and disassembly of the fuel pump module (not as easy as it sounds). You do save a couple of bucks though as long as you don’t mind the extra work.


How Much?

Fuel Pump Replacement CostThe price of the fuel pump varies for each vehicle. The best way really to figure it out is to give your local dealership a call and then browse online. Remember to give the exact year, make and model of your vehicle to avoid the aggravation of receiving the wrong part. If you are not sure try to use online VIN decoders to decode your VIN. These steps will give you a good idea to figure out how much your fuel pump replacement cost is and how to keep it at a minimum.

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