If you own an older vehicle, then you need to start thinking about the fuel pump replacement cost.  The fuel pump is responsible for sending fuel from the gas tank to the engine.  Unfortunately, there is no telling when the fuel pump is about ready to fail it just does, and there isn’t a periodic timetable on replacing it either.


What Fuel Pump?

Anybody who experiences fuel pump failure for the first time is petrified by the mere thought of the fuel pump replacement cost.  Not everyone is well versed in automotive maintenance and I’ve seen people selling their cars for cheap just because of a broken fuel pump, which they didn’t know about.  Lucky me, not so much for them.  The fuel pump is located inside the gas tank, submerged in fuel.  It comes in its own housing together with the fuel sending unit which is connected to the fuel meter in your dash that shows how much fuel you have.


Why Does It Break?

Even though the fuel pump has a sock which filters contaminants from getting into the pump itself, some of the dirt still manages to get through thus damaging the pump.  Moisture accumulation also damages the pump as well as constantly driving with low fuel levels.


How Much To Replace The Fuel Pump?

Fuel Pump Replacement CostThe fuel pump replacement cost will vary depending on the vehicle.  A fuel pump usually comes as a whole assembly (fuel pump, housing, sending unit and connectors).  It will cost more but it will make the job easier for you and would also take less time, which is a good thing especially if you are paying somebody by the hour to do it for you.  However, if you think you can do it on your own, another option is to buy just the pump by itself.  It costs significantly less than the whole assembly but requires disassembling the old housing (usually pain in the you know where) and some cutting and splicing (more work, more time).


The Lowdown

Fuel Pump Replacement CostFuel pumps eventually go bad and you would not be given warning when until it does.  Your vehicle will be useless until you replace it.  If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a new fuel pump, check out the nearest dealership first.

I know that most people will advise you against going to the dealership but who knows, your car might be included in some recall you didn’t know about and change your fuel pump for free.  It may sound far-fetched but It does happen.  If that doesn’t work out, check online.  There many websites that offer replacement parts for almost all models.  Be careful though, as most of these parts are aftermarket replacement meaning these are “replacement” parts and not original which is why they usually cost less than the one from the dealership.  However, they do work and fit the same way as the original and shouldn’t be a problem.  Another thing is that you need to be sure of your vehicles year, make and model in order to get the correct parts for your vehicle.  Do that and you can be able to get the lowest possible fuel pump replacement cost for your vehicle.

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